Let's learn Japanese culture (traditional green tea ceremony, Japanese riceroll cooking, calligraphy, incense traditional game) at Yanaka Tokyo
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Let's learn and experience about Japanese culture at the old town Yanaka. Yanaka is located in Taito-ku - very close to Ueno. It's close to tourists' favorite Asakusa area, too.
Not just the town Yanaka is famous as artistic town with the old buildings before WW2 (there's famous Yanaka cemetery too), there are also things you can learn in Yanaka.

The master teacher of Omotesenke-style green tea ceremony in her 80s young will show you the whole process of the ceremony from the preparation and serve you in antique cup which you chose.
It will be served with Japanese sweets. You will learn how to drink green tea in the right manner.

Also you will learn how to make makizushi (makizushi and inarizushi) and eat it as lunch. Then the master teacher will teach you how to write your name in Japanese calligraphy. Only available on Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays. Please make a reservation 2 days prior to your preferred date of this experience. You can also rent yukata or kimono and enjoy walking around scenic Yanaka town. If you are interested in learning Insence culture (insence game) which has more than 1000 years of tradition, you can try that too!

For the detail, check out mypal.jp and make reservation for your experience.
Every Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

12:00 Arrive Gallery Okubo and learn Japanese rice roll cooking (makizushi and inarizushi) and enjoy eating it as lunch (3000 yen)
14:00 Attend green tea ceremony (3000 yen)
15:00 Learn Calligraphy (2500 yen)

You can rent Yukata for 3000 yen (optional) and attend green tea ceremony, and walk around the old town Yanaka.
You can also learn traditional incense game (which got 1000 years of history) for 3500 yen.

Send us inquiry at kyoko@mypal.jp

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